Public Service

Provide safer and more durable input devices for public service facilities.

DAVO started offering metal industrial keyboards in 2010, widely used across various public service scenarios.

The existence of public service equipment makes many daily tasks more convenient and efficient, and plays an integral part in our quality of life and social functioning. Public service equipment must have sufficient durability, stability, waterproof and dustproof, able to withstand prolonged use and a variety of environmental tests, and public service equipment on the input control equipment is particularly important.

DAVO with in-depth understanding of the industry, research and development, production of keyboards using industrial-grade chip design, the use of anti-interference electronic components such as excellent customization features, and therefore, in high temperature, humidity, pollution, noise, dust, water, oil, corrosive liquids and other extreme environments, can work stably.


01 - Customizable

Customization is our specialty, and we provide you with a complete one-stop service of design, manufacturing, testing, etc., to deliver to you a perfect product that can be put into use immediately. All you need to do is to tell us the specifications, dimensions, etc. that you need.

Our professional engineers can also provide you with a full range of in-depth customization services such as backlighting, weight, specific functions, peripheral equipment design, etc. on the basis of meeting your protection level.

02 - Special Reminder

Protection Level (Different environments)

  • IP65 ~ IP68

Operating Temperature

  • -40℃  ~  +80℃

Mounting Methods

  • Embedded, Desktop, Special installation

03 - Application Scenarios

Access control, Self-service express lockers, Self-service car wash kiosks, ATMs, Kiosks, etc.

Service and Quality

We hope to solve the problems you may encounter from the root, but also has a perfect and strong after-sales system support.


Real-Time Sharing

Real-time information sharing, not letting communication be a barrier


Quality First

Full supply chain monitoring, from raw material purchasing to finished products, each link is strictly controlled


Confirm The Project Plan

Each product must be tested in accordance with strict standard testing procedures before shipment


0 Returns

Annual repair rate of 0.7%, no returns, widely recognized by the market


Rapid Resolution

Assist in troubleshooting online and keep samples offline for troubleshooting



Perfectly reproduce the keyboard you have in mind according to the customer’s requirements

We provide the best design solutions in the industry.

DAVOLIN was founded in 2010, and we have been in this field for more than 15 years, amazing! Our goal is to provide customers with the best industrial keyboard and service. 

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