Metal Keyboard for Self Service Kiosk

Specially designed for harsh environment, use the brushed stainless steel material, and special water proof design, IP 65 protect level, it has good performance of water proof, dust proof and vandalism proof, which make it a good choice for public use or harsh environment.

  • Gold-on-gold dome on gold PCB contact
  • Matrix output with controller
  • Reinforced PCB to guarantee the mechanical stability
  • Laser engraved characters for excellent durable
  • Any language is available and it’s free of additional charge



Product Size





Metal Keyboard for Self Service Kiosk


Metal Keyboard for Self Service Kiosk


High-Quality Materials
304 stainless steel & industrial-grade silicone

Laser Engraving
Key Engraving Is Laser Engraved

Protection Level
IP54 protection level


—— Best Solution For You

Mechanical Trackball Mouse

A 38mm mechanical trackball mouse is embedded on the right side, and the operation is sensitive and noiseless.

Embedded bottom installation method, the 3mm aluminum base plate at the bottom protects the circuit board.


D 8602

—— Original Design Manufacturer

Blends Craftsmanship With Durability

Details show the pursuit of quality, selected 304 stainless steel, a stamping molding Industrial-grade silicone, first-class feel.

D-8602 stainless steel

304 Stainless Steel


Electroplated Black


Industrial Grade Silicone

Product Size

product size


Physical Properties
Panel Size 392×110mm
Communication Interface USB
Number of Keys 65+2
Key Travel ≈1.8mm
Key Pressure ≈1.5N±0.2N
Individual Key Life ≈500W Times
Key Material 304 Stainless Steel
Panel Material 304 Stainless Steel
Chassis Material 304 Stainless Steel
PCB Craftsmanship Gold immersion
Key Backlighting No
Key Size 14×14mm
Net Weight ≈1450g
Trigger Mode Carbon Grain
Electrical Properties
Communication Interface USB 2.0
System Compatibility Win, Linux, etc.
Working Voltage 5V±0.25
Working Current <50mA
Maximum Power ≈0.15W
Test Items
Protection Level IP54
Working Temperature -40°C~70°C
Storage Temperature -45°C~85°C
Mean Time to Failure >20000H
Mean Time to Repair <30M


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