In a tough military environment, every operation is a matter of life and death.

Military equipment typically has a specific set of requirements for input devices to ensure that they are suitable for the rigors and security needs of the military environment

In today’s challenging military environment, every operation is a matter of life and death. Against this backdrop, the demands placed on equipment by military forces are stricter, particularly when it comes to input devices. DAVO’s input device keyboards, as a reliable choice for military readiness, have demonstrated outstanding performance and reliability in multiple military applications.

Ultimate Durability and Protection

DAVO’s input device keyboards feature state-of-the-art sealing design and materials, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust, and vibration. Their waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof capabilities ensure reliable operation under any circumstances, even in combat environments.

High Adaptability and Ease of Operation

DAVO’s input device keyboards can adapt to various military equipment and system interfaces and communication protocols, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with other devices. Meanwhile, the devices are easy to operate, helping military personnel to operate quickly and accurately in emergency situations, thus improving operational efficiency.

Economically Efficient and Sustainable Development

Choosing DAVO’s input device keyboards means choosing not only outstanding performance and reliability but also economic efficiency and sustainable development. The devices’ long-term durability and low maintenance costs save military forces significant resources and costs, enhancing readiness levels and combat capabilities.

In summary, DAVO’s input device keyboards possess high performance and reliability in military readiness, providing reliable technical support and assurance for military forces, and are an indispensable part of military readiness.


01 - Customizable

Customization is our specialty, and we provide you with a complete one-stop service of design, manufacturing, testing, etc., to deliver to you a perfect product that can be put into use immediately. All you need to do is to tell us the specifications, dimensions, etc. that you need.

Our professional engineers can also provide you with a full range of in-depth customization services such as backlighting, weight, specific functions, peripheral equipment design, etc. on the basis of meeting your protection level.

02 - Special Reminder

Protection Level (Different environments)

  • IP65 ~ IP68

Operating Temperature

  • -40℃  ~  +80℃

Mounting Methods

  • Embedded, Desktop, Special installation

03 - Application Scenarios

Rugged Computers, Naval simulation training equipment, Army vehicle-mounted missile launching console, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Console, etc.

Service and Quality

We hope to solve the problems you may encounter from the root, but also has a perfect and strong after-sales system support.


Real-Time Sharing

Real-time information sharing, not letting communication be a barrier


Quality First

Full supply chain monitoring, from raw material purchasing to finished products, each link is strictly controlled


Confirm The Project Plan

Each product must be tested in accordance with strict standard testing procedures before shipment


0 Returns

Annual repair rate of 0.7%, no returns, widely recognized by the market


Rapid Resolution

Assist in troubleshooting online and keep samples offline for troubleshooting



Perfectly reproduce the keyboard you have in mind according to the customer’s requirements

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